Mitch McConnell Wakes Up To NASTY Surprise, KENTUCKY Is Turning BLUE (DETAILS)


Schadenfreude is the German word for taking pleasure in the pain of others. Liberals, who have endured decades of Republicans’ flawed ideologies, obstructionism, and pandering to the worst elements in American society, might get to experience some schadenfreude this November. Clinton is within striking distance of Trump in red state …

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BREAKING: FBI Moving To Investigate Trump’s Russian Ties To Cyber-Terror & Treason


The FBI is being pushed to probe Donald Trump’s campaign and his advisor Roger Stone for cyber-terrorism and treason. And if those sound like serious charges, well, colluding with the Russian government to influence U.S. elections is some serious sh*t. Of course, it’s hardly surprising that an alleged unregistered sex offender like …

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JUST IN: Donald Trump Directly Connected To Human Sex Trafficker (DETAILS)


Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump has spent more time defending allegations of sexual misconduct over the past few weeks then, well, doing pretty much anything else – except maybe satisfying his Twitter addiction. One particular scandal involves Jessica Leeds, who spoke to CNN‘s Anderson Cooper to allege Donald Trump …

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Armed Trump Supporters Surround Office Of Female Democrats, Drama Escalates (VIDEO)


On Thursday, two Virginia men, who were openly carrying firearms, stood outside of a Democratic candidate’s office in support of the alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump. One of the protesters, Daniel Parks, said he was trying to encourage intimidated Trump supporters to stand up for their rights. Yes, because, in …

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BREAKING: Washington Post Drops MAJOR Donald Trump Sex Assault Announcement (DETAILS)


Two more accusers have come forward Friday against alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump. He is showing an apparent pattern of fondling women without their permission, a pattern eerily similar to what he said on the leaked 2005 Access Hollywoodsexual assault video. The Washington Post writes that the first woman alleged that the …

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JUST IN: Donald Trump Accuses President Obama Of Sexual Assault, Evidence Claimed (DETAILS)


At this point in the game there are zero things that Republican presidential nominee and alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump could do or say that would shock anyone. But openly wondering why President Barack Obama isn’t being accused of sexual assault has many people shaking their heads in disbelief. …

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Idiot Just Yelled ‘Rapist!’ At President Obama, His BRILLIANT Reaction Went INSTANTLY Viral (VIDEO)


President Barack Obama was giving a speech at a Cleveland rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when he was interrupted by a Trump supporter. On Friday, President Obama suggested that the protester might have been paid to be there. At a Clinton rally in Cleveland, President Barack Obama’s speech …

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JUST IN: Obama Reveals Post Presidency Plans & Republicans Are LOSING Their Minds (DETAILS)


With only months left in the Oval Office, President Obama is shedding some of his presidential reserve and revealing a funnier — and darker — side to his personality than we have seen before. With the freedom from the constraints of office beckoning in the future, President Obama is looking forward to being “unshackled” (as …

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BREAKING: Chris Christie Facing 10-Years In Prison After Judge Sends Summons Over ‘Bridgegate’


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could be facing criminal charges of misconduct and abuse of official capacity in office related to Bridgegate. Christie is a surrogate of Republican candidate Donald Trump, and has constantly and consistently supported the alleged unregistered sex offender throughout his campaign. According to New York’s NBC 4, …

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BREAKING: Donald Trump Moving To Skip Final Presidential Debate,’I’m Done’ (DETAILS)


The alleged unregistered sex offender, and apparent coward, Donald Trump is hinting that he might be pulling out of the final presidential debate. During a rally in Florida, on Wednesday, the GOP nominee alleged that the Commission For Presidential Debates was biased against him.  As usual, his logic was less than …

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