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There has been recent debates about the growth potential of egg donation. With the government giving the green light, we are yet to learn the full extent of the power of egg donation. Most people are becoming more open to being egg donors than before.

How Does the Process of Egg Donation Work?

Below are more steps which describe the process of egg donation in a nutshell.

1. Application Here!

For ensuring that you enroll to an egg donation program there must be the filling of an application form. Part of the application has requirements which provide details regarding the person’s physical characteristics, medical background together with that of the family. The applicant must also fill in their education background, interests and their personality recorded in the agency’s website.

The information is important because there are a number of egg recipients who make it their priority to search for characteristics and attribute which are close to theirs. Other recipients have their own criteria of characteristics and attributes which must fit their profile.

2. Performing a Medical Evaluation

Upon presentation of all the necessary information regarding yourself in the application part, the next step is going to perform a medical screening. The egg donor agency usually enrolls the donor with a physician to perform a physical examination.

The physical examination is inclusive of an ultrasound and blood test in checking the potential egg count and the hormone levels. Egg donors are not usually charged consultation fees for the physician services which are provided at free costs by the egg donor agencies. There is still no need for the provision of any related insurance information. This means it won’t cost you anything.

3. Attending Orientation

This is followed with the discussion of the exam results as provide by the health care provider through attending an orientation. It is part of the requirements for the physicians to discuss the applicant’s medical history in addition to that of their family.

There is the explanation of the donation process to the egg donor during the orientation process. During the process, it also addresses any concerns or questions that you may have for the physician more about the process.

4. Counselling

When the orientation process is complete, a meeting is scheduled with a counsellor. This regarding an emotional and mental evaluation in determining their state before donating their eggs to the recipients.

5. Get Approval Now!

When a psychological or medical clearance has been filed, a profile of the applicant is uploaded to the agency’s database. In case the recipients finds the right donor, the file can be retracted to view here. It is not an assured case that you will get an egg recipient immediately.

In other cases, some recipients are unfortunate in not finding a donor. Therefore, it is important to exercise patience. The egg donation process can begin when compensation has taken place and a match has been found.